I am a Certified Professional Coach, Software Developer, passionate Tennis enthusiast,  Mom and Introvert.

Having a deeper understanding about Introversion has benefitted me greatly. The perspective it brought, has freed me from thinking that I need to be anyone other than who I am. It allows me to value my needs without feeling guilty and to create a healthy balance in extending and recharging myself. Previously unacknowledged, my world view is now validated thanks to the thriving global community of outspoken Introverts. (No, that is not an oxymoron)

QUIET BEING is about moving Introverts away from a submissive image and identifying with a more powerful one. It is about letting go of limiting beliefs that keep us from love, accomplishment and success.  I see us as a Mountain - a force of nature that instills humility, grounded, stable, centered, present and strong. Resolute & Majestic - Quietly so.


I cannot help but feel inspired! 

Inspired to share the journey of other Introverts as they identify their BEING and share it with their world. 

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Quiet Being

Santa Barbara, CA


Arthi Perka, Certified Professional Coach

Specializing in Leadership Development for Introverts and Women Professionals using Energy Leadership Assessments and Core Energy Coaching techniques.

Customized Private Sessions and Workshops online and in the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles areas.

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